Today in OMG-why: A swimsuit with Donald Trump's face on it

The " Shocked Trump" swimsuit which is up for sale has gone viral on the social media since Tuesday. The 'innovative piece' has been created by Beloved Shirts, a California-based clothing company

For those planning to go on a beach, here comes a new swimsuit with the shocked face of US President Donald Trump on it. The ‘innovative piece’ has been created by Beloved Shirts, a California-based clothing company, and to be the owner of this particular swimsuit one will need to spend $ 49.95

The ” Shocked Trump” swimsuit which is up for sale has gone viral on the social media since Tuesday.  The company said, the swimsuit made in the USA “contours your form and is meant to flatter,”. This is not the first time when the company has come up with an unusual design swimsuit. Last month, the company created the hairy chest swimsuit which looked like a hairy man’s upper body and the cost of it is $44.

One of the social media users on the shocked Donald Trump swimsuit wrote, “no one could pay me enough to wear this…I’d be constantly vomiting !!”, The other one wrote, ”  I couldn’t wear this I would continually punch myself in the stomach. “My next bathing suit next time we go to Turks,” said one of the users on social media.

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Take a look at the Shocked Donald Trump Swimsuit:

Here are the reactions to the swimsuit with the shocking face of US President Donald Trump on it

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The clothing company is known for the coming up with different designs covering favourite foods like Pizza, ice-creams, burgers to favourite celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey to the favourite memes.

US President Donald Trump always manages to stay in news be it his policies, to his tweets, his relationship with the media and now this “shocked Trump” swimsuit.

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