Donald Trump blocks Stephen King on Twitter, JK Rowling to the 'rescue'

Two bestselling authors, Stephen King and KJ Rowling, one POTUS and the battle of wits on Twitter. Who would you bet on to come out unscathed?

Apart from being the best-selling author of the acclaimed Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is the queen of sass, the mother of wit and the destroyer of trolls. Rowling has been a charming personality to have on social media, with her Tweets shooting down everyone from sexists to just plain haters. She is on her toes to react to any breaking trends online, rubbishing over-the-top ideas and silencing mean trolls once and for all with her magic spells. And when President of the United States made a faux pass, you would expect Rowling to come down full force. Donald Trump managed to churn out a fiery tweet from the author when he apparently blocking author Stephen King on Twitter, for which Rowling had a quick-fix ready at hand.

Stephen King, the popular American actor of horror and supernatural fiction, tweeted on Tuesday that he is being blocked from following Donald Trump’s account, a situation which is quite common to many of the Americans, popular or otherwise:

To which Rowling had a befitting retort:

King was quick to swoop in with another remark to Rowling’s tweet:

It is a pattern you see, if you look closely you may decipher that it doesn’t take much to provoke President Trump into blocking a follower on Twitter. Throw him an insult or an unflattering Meme or a GIF mocking his “covfefe”   screw up, is enough to do the trick. So maybe there is no need to raise our eyebrows over this latest addition to the list of #BlockedByTrump. Stephen King has been one of Trump’s most consistent and creative Twitter critics even before he became President. Before the November election, he had been quoted by Ron Charles, editor of The Washington Post’s Book World, during a Facebook Live interview where he said:

A Trump presidency scares me more than anything else. I’m terrified that he’ll become President.

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And following the alleged blocking of the horror fiction maestro, Twitterati obviously had some expert comments to shed light on the incident. From people sharing their own incidents to the mocking parade, this is what Twitter had to say:

After the initial tweet, he was quick to give a rebuttal with his “maybe, it’s a hoax” theory but now that we know how you really feel Stephen, we can offer our sympathies.

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