Parents of model who was raped and murdered forced to dig her grave. Here's why

Sally Anne Bowman was murdered by Mark Dixie outside her residence in 2005 after she was returning from a night out. Her parents have exhumed her ashes

Heartbroken parents of murdered model Sally Anne Bowman were forced to exhume her dead daughter’s ashes after repeated incidents of miscreants allegedly vandalising her grave surfaced. Sally who was an aspiring model was murdered by a man identified as Mark Dixie in 2005.

12 years after the horrific incident, her parents have claimed that some unidentified people are attacking her grave and have smashed it at least four times. Some are allegedly spoiling a the headstone by spreading soil and broken plant pots on her grave. “There are some cruel people out there who get a kick out of these things. So she’s no longer there. These people were coming at night after I had left because I was there all the time. They were chucking dirt and dead flowers over her grave. They would completely cover it.They would also leave cards with her name in red writing. We’d just had enough,” her mother told a leading daily.

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The incident comes just days after Bowman’s murderer made some startling revelations and confessed to having committed the crime. Dixie was awarded a life imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 34 years in 2008 for brutally murdering Sally Anne outside her residence.

In his confession, Dixie revealed that on the night he murdered Sally, he had seen her having an argument with her ex-partner Lewis and did not like the way she was speaking to him. He went on to say he stabbed Sally to death before having sex with her corpse. He also confessed to smoking Cannabis near her dead body. Dixie, 46 then reportedly went on to sit in a cafe while the police rushed to the crime scene.

Dixie also admitted to raping a woman at the age of 16. His lawyer had initially defended him saying that he had only sexually assaulted Sally and found her dead body on the street.

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