Prisoner cuts his penis with razor allegedly given to him by guards

A prisoner cut off his own penis with a razor that he had procured from the guards while the surgeons spent hours to save his organ

In a shocking incident, a prisoner identified as Peter Smith slashed his own penis which a razor blade that was allegedly given to him by the prison guards in Manchester. The authorities found Smith who was reportedly suicidal in his cell covered in blood with his penis cut off.

He was rushed to the hospital where the doctors spent 26 long hours to save his organs. However, the efforts made by surgeons went in vain as they could not save it. The family of the prisoner is now demanding an inquiry into the incident and have requested the authorities to find out how a suicidal prisoner could get his hands on a Bic razor. This is not the first time that he had tried to self-harm. He had on one occasion tried to cut his wrists with a piece of plastic even while he was in police custody.

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55-year-old Peter Smith was taken into police custody after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing firearms and drugs. His son, William Smith slammed the authorities and stated that he was extremely unhappy with the way his father who needs mental treatment was being handled inside the prison.

“My dad should not be allowed a razor and he definitely should not be allowed on his own with a razor. He should not be in prison. He should be under the mental health act, it is not right,” Williams said.

The incident comes after President of the Prison Governors Association (PGA) slammed the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) saying that he was very disappointed with the decline in service and the recent incidents of indiscipline within the prison was a matter of deep concern. He further urged the authorities to take immediate steps to ensure law and order in the prison and also increase the number of prison officers.

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Source: Daily Mail

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