Caught on camera: Man dead after 'sleeping' driver rams van into car, son shares an important message

His son shared the video on the social networking site. The video shows two cars driving along before Wakefield's and Trusler's van smash into each other

On the second death anniversary of his father, a son shared the footage of the accident in which his father was killed. While writing an emotional post on Facebook he also shared an important message with it, that is, not to drive a vehicle if the motorist is tired as it can take someone’s life as his father also lost his life in one such incident.

71-year-old David Wakefield died in an accident on July 28, 2015, after being hit by a van driver Christopher Trusler in England as he fell asleep. Two years after the incident, his son Ash Wakefield shared the video on the social networking site. The video shows two cars driving along before Wakefield’s and Trusler’s van smash into each other.

After the incident, Trusler was sent to jail for two years for rash driving and a driving ban of four years was also put on him. He, however, was released after serving only 364 days. A day before the accident, he had done a night shift and then again started driving in the morning. In the post, Ash writes that Trusler cannot be wholly held responsible for the death of his father.

The company in which he Trusler was employed was equally responsible. As the motorist was not given the rest after the night shift which is why he fell asleep in the morning due to which the entire incident happened.

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In a Facebook post, Ash wrote, “I’ve decided to make the dash-cam footage of a vehicle following my Dad’s van public. My Dad lost his life because of a ‘Traffic Management Operative’ – Chris Robert Trusler from Northampton who fell asleep whilst driving. This was due to working a night shift and then starting a day shift without adequate rest, his employer at the time ‘Centurion Traffic Management’ of Leeds”.

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He added, “In my opinion, are equally responsible for Dad’s death as they should NEVER have asked/let their driver, do so many hours made even worse by him driving a motor vehicle”.

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