Bhangra, keema and all the cool things Barack Obama talked about on his visit to India

Who knew Obama knows how to cook dal and keema?

Former US President Barack Obama, on a visit to India, spoke at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on December 1. In a conversation with Karan Thapar, Obama talked about how the India-US bilateral relationship developed under his presidency, the importance of religious and cultural diversity and who among Donald Duck and Donald Trump defined the United States of America.

Take a look at some of the cool things he said:

1.  The Red-Blue divide had to spill over, obviously!


2. Something that Obama’s successor should follow?

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3. Obama talked about how he struggles to keep up with his kids who think that he is too ancient!

4. Who knew he could compete with Justin Trudeau in terms of Indianness?

5. The next Sanjeev Kapoor maybe?

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6. Let go of your divisions!

7. There is no better time to be alive than now.

8. Looks like Obama is as much Indian as is Tarla Dalal!

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9. The ‘pause in American leadership’ won’t stop the climate change, people!

10. There is no problem that can’t be solved when the world’s largest democracy and world’s oldest democracy work together.

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