No kidding, this sheep can recognise Baaa-rack Obama!

If you believe that only chimpanzees and dogs can remember faces. You are wrong as this sheep just recognised Barack Obama and Emma Watson

While nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill were fun, there was something intriguing about Little Bo-Peep that made it stand out. Because, Bo-Peep had the smartest sheep in town! Her sheep could not only wander alone but also find their way back to her without any help.

In all fairness, we all have underestimated sheep and taken them to be unintelligent animals, unlike dogs and cats who are capable of showing a variety of emotions. But this perception is about to change. In case you are wondering how is it possible, read on.

Researchers at the Cambridge University conducted a series of experiments to understand the face-processing abilities of sheep. During their study, they found that the sheep can not only recognise the faces of their human handlers but they can also differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar faces. They can also recognise unfamiliar faces from photographs.

The researchers tested their intelligence by showing them the images of former US president Barack Obama and Harry Potter star Emma Watson on various occasions. And guess what, they aced the test each time! So, next time you go out to a pet store, a cute lamb wouldn’t be a bad option, would it be? (Just Kidding)

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