Watch: UK surgeon live-streams first surgery via Snapchat Spectacles

Warning! Do not watch if blood makes you squeamish

Snapchat launched Spectacles in September this year and since then people around the world have been eagerly trying to get their hands on the funky-looking pair of goggles that let you record and live-stream short videos via the Snapchat app.

Taking this technology further, a United Kingdom (UK) based surgeon Dr Shafi Ahmed live-streamed a surgery using Snapchat Spectacles for the very first time. Dr Ahmed performed a routine hernia repair in London’s Independent Hospital and the surgery was viewed by nearly 200 medical students.

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But live-streaming an entire surgery wasn’t easy and Dr Ahmed had to adapt to the technology he was using so that his students could witness the surgery without any interruptions. And since Spectacles allow users to record only 10-second video at a time, Dr Ahmed took help from a consultant, who would hit the record button every time the time elapsed. Like every other Snapchat story, the video was archived to re-watch for 24-hours.

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However, this is not the first time that Dr Ahmed has used advanced technology to teach his students. In April, he set-up a 360-degree camera to live-stream a surgery and create a virtual reality film of the surgery. The surgery was viewed by nearly 55,000 people. But this is not it, in past Dr Ahmed has also operated using Google Glasses.