Yay! Now you can save your favourite posts on Instagram

Instagram now lets you bookmark posts just like Pinterest!

After releasing a bundle of features on its platform this year, Instagram has released yet another update that will make you go gaga over it.

The popular photo-sharing platform now lets all its users bookmark their favourite posts for viewing later. The idea is that there are times when you will stumble upon a post or a video that you would want to remember. The post can be anything from an inspirational video to an upcoming vacation destination, to a new outfit that you like. With Instagram’s latest update you can keep a track of your favourite posts right from your profile.

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So, how can I bookmark posts on my Instagram profile?
Well, bookmarking posts on Instagram is an easy job. All you have to do is click on the bookmark icon below the post.

How can I see the post that I’ve saved?
To see a post you have saved, go to your profile and click on the bookmark option. The good thing about this feature is that only you can see the posts you’ve saved. So other’s won’t know a thing if you have saved their post.

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Do I need to update my app?
Yes, you’ll have to update your Instagram app if you want to use this super-cool feature. The new feature will work on Instagram version 10.2 and is available iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play across the globe.