Snapchat's new feature is ruining relationships and friendships

Snapchat has launched a new feature Snapchat Maps that lets your track the location of your friends. The feature apparently ruined friendships and relationships. Here's how

A couple of days back Snapchat released a creepy new feature that lets your friends track your location. The feature called Snapchat Map shows a map with the location of all your Snapchat friends being represented in the form of ‘action emojis’. The update by default comes in the Ghost Mode, which means no one can track your location. However, if you do decide to turn it on, all your friends will get live updates of all your locations every time you open the app.

To put into perspective consider it like Gossip Girl’s ‘spotted map’ which shows your location as you travel from one location to another (yeah, now you understand).

While this has raised security concerns among individuals as they that Snapchat’s controversial new feature would increase cyber stalking and cyber bullying, it has also raised ‘other’ concerns among the brave hearts who decide to face the truth heads on.

To give you a subtle hint, we are talking about relationships and breakup. You see, Snapchat Map shows the location of all your friends. So if you are cheating on your partner with another person, chances are that you’ll be caught red-handed. Don’t believe us? See what the Twitterati have to say:

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But that’s not the only ‘other’ that we are talking about as Snapchat Map is not only ruining relationships but also friendships. How? Well, if you had plans to catch up with your best friend this weekend and you ditch them for another friend, they’ll know. Check this out:

So, Snapchatters beware! Don’t turn on Snapchat Maps unless you are absolutely sure about yourself.

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