Instagram just introduced 'face filters' and it will remind you of Snapchat

Instagram has added Snapchat like 'face filters' to its app. The photo-sharing app has also added a 'rewind' feature and hashtag stickers to its app. Click here to know all about the update

Instagram has done it again! The popular photo-sharing app has unabashedly copied Snapchat and added a brand new feature to its creative arsenal. Face filters, as Instagram likes to call it, lets users jazz up their selfies by adding fun elements to them. From bunny face to math equations and from a tiara full of butterflies to an ice-crown, face filters are all about turning an ordinary selfie into something fun.

But sadly for the users, the feature is not something new and out of the box. What Snapchat calls ‘Lenses’, Instagram calls ‘Face Filters’. And even though the names might be different, their functionality is essentially the same.

Interestingly, the trail of what Instagram’s parent company Facebook likes to call ‘inspiration’ doesn’t end there. As of now, Instagram offers eight filters– bunny face, ice crown, nerd glasses with math equations, a Greek-style golden crown, butterfly tiara, koala, peacock and beauty mask. These filters bear an eery resemblance to some of the Snapchat lenses. Puppy filter, flower crown, butterfly– does it ring a bell Snapchatters? We thought so too!

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Fortunately for us, this is not the end of Instagram’s latest update. The app has also introduced a ‘Rewind’ feature that lets users play a video in reverse. “Drop a microphone and watch it fly up into your hand,” Instagram explains in a blog post. Users can also add more context to their Instagram stories with the new hashtag sticker that basically links their post to other related posts. Thank god for that.

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There is something subtle in the way Instagram copies Snapchat. It’s never as a stand-alone feature or as a mere replica. The cloned feature is always modified to seem aboriginal and is almost always accompanied by a host of other creative updates. It has happened in the past and it will most likely happen in future again.

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As of now, what remains to be seen is that now that Facebook has introduced the face filters to Instagram, how soon will it bring the filters to its native platform and WhatsApp? And as we all know Facebook is all about ‘building a community’ (pun intended). So an update for WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook shouldn’t be far away.