Pokemon GO Raid: Here's the complete list of Raid Bosses and how you can defeat them

Nintendo recently released a new update to Pokemon GO introducing a bunch of new features including the ability to hunt Pokemon with higher combat power. Here's all you need to know about the Raid Bosses and how you can defeat them

Nintendo’s superhit augmented reality game Pokemon GO recently received a raid update, wherein the makers of the game introduced a bunch of new features including the ability to hunt Pokemon with higher combat power (CP). The new update also allowed the trainers to participate in raid battles in Pokemon Gyms and take on the powerful Raid Bosses.

The Raid Battles are not live for everyone and you can hunt down some of the most powerful Pokemon only if you are a level 5 trainer or above. For those of you who are still unsure, Raid Battles are Pokemon battles wherein trainers team up with other trainers to defeat Raid Bosses (Pokemon with highest CP).

How does a Raid Battle happen?
Here’s a step by step guide to what will happen during a raid battle:

Step1: When a raid is about to happen, a large Egg will appear at the gym with a countdown.

Step 2: A Raid Boss will be revealed when the countdown reaches zero.

Step 3: Every time you visit a Gym, you will get a Raid Pass, which you will need to battle a Raid Boss.

Step 4: You can team up with up to 20 trainers to defeat a Raid Boss.

Step 5: If you defeat the Raid Boss in 3 minutes, you will have the chance to capture that Pokemon. You will also get special rewards like– Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candies and Fast Technical Machines and Charged Technical Machines.

How will the Raid Bosses be unveiled?
Raid Battles will happen on the basis of Raid Bosses. While the trainers will encounter Pokemon with lower combat power first, they will encounter tougher Pokemon as they cross each level. Raid Bosses have been colour coded into three colours with a total of five levels.

Here are the details of all the Pokemon Bosses that the trainers will encounter during the raids:

Pink Raid Eggs (Tier 1)
1. Water type Pokemon Magikarp with CP of 1165. Counter: Electric-type Pokemon
2. Water type Pokemon Croconaw with CP of 5207. Counter: Electric-type Pokemon
3. Grass type Pokemon Bayleef with CP of 4375. Counter: Fire-type Pokemon
4. Fire type Pokemon Quilava with CP of 5085. Counter: Water-type Pokemon
5. Water type Pokemon Croconaw with CP of 5207. Counter: Electric/Grass type Pokemon

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(Tier 2)
1. Electric-type Pokemon with CP of 11311. Counter: Ground-type Pokemon
2. Psychic-type Pokemon Exeggutor with CP of 12633. Counter: Bug-type Pokemon
3. Fire-type Pokemon Magmar with CP of 11610. Counter: Water-type Pokemon
4. Poison-type Pokemon Muk with CP of 11200. Counter: Psychic-type Pokemon
5. Poison-type Pokemon with CP of 11245. Counter: Psychic-type Pokemon

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Yellow raid eggs (Tier 3)
1. Water-type Pokemon Vaporeon with CP of 16696. Counter: Electric-type Pokemon
2. Fighting-type Pokemon Arcanine with CP of 17832. Counter: Water-type Pokemon
3. Fighting-type Pokemon Machamp with CP of 18144. Counter: Psychic/Flying type Pokemon
4. Electric-type Pokemon Jolteon with CP of 19883. Counter: Ground-type Pokemon
5. Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar with CP of 19768. Counter: Dark-type Pokemon
6. Fire-type Pokemon Flareon with CP of 21155. Counter: Water-type Pokemon
7. Psychic-type Pokemon Alakazam with CP of 22646. Counter: Dark-type Pokemon

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(Tier 4)
1. Water/Ice type Pokemon Lapras with CP of 21768. Counter: Electric-type Pokemon
2. Water-type Pokemon Blastoise with CP of 24162. Counter: Electric-type Pokemon
3. Grass type Pokemon Venusaur with CP of 26921. Counter: Fire-type Pokemon
4. Fire/Flying type Pokemon Charizard with CP of 28485. Counter: Water/Rock type Pokemon
5. Normal type Pokemon Snorlax with CP of 25419. Counter: Fighting-type Pokemon
6. Ground/Rock type Pokemon Rhydon with CP of 30512. Counter: Water-type Pokemon
7. Rock/Dark type Pokemon Tyranitar with CP of 34707. Counter: Fighting-type Pokemon

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Legendary raid eggs (Tier 5)
Here’s the list of Legendary Raid Bosses. There’s combat power is currently unknown.
1. Ice type Pokemon Articuno
2. Electric type Pokemon Zapdos
3. Fire type Pokemon Moltres
4. Psychic type Pokemon Mewtwo
5. Electric type Pokemon Raikou
6. Fire type Pokemon Entei
7. Water type Pokemon Suicune
8. Psychic type Pokemon Lugia
9. Fire/Flying type Pokemon Ho-oh


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