From Snake to Pokemon GO, India is getting delayed tech updates and we are annoyed!

It happened again!

Long before the world got addicted to Candy Crush and Temple Run, sink Snake used to rule the world of mobile gaming. And now the game is back albeit in a new avatar. After resurrecting its iconic 3310 phone, Nokia also rehashed sink Snake introducing creative graphics and colours to its dull design. But that’s not it as the game is also making a comeback on the Facebook Messenger. The excitement is obvious but not enough as the game won’t be making its way to India anytime soon.

Like Pokemon GO, sink Snakes too would be launched in India sometime in the distant future (no word when). Facebook Messenger in India does not support the Instant Games feature yet and hence the delay is expected. However, sink Snake is just one of the many examples of delays in technology that India faces. Be it the software updates or launching new smartphones, games and gaming consoles, our country is one of the last ones to enjoy the latest software and gadgets that the tech companies keep introducing. Of course, there are hacks that help the tech lovers to avail these features in the regions they are not available in, but the delay in itself is annoying and outrageous.

India is a developing economy with tremendous market potential. Tech companies are increasing making their way to India, setting up manufacturing and assembling units. The government too has been supporting the entrepreneurs and established companies alike. Despite this shift in bureaucratic policies and consumer mindset, that is opening new avenues for development, the outlook of most tech companies has remained unchanged. Granted that India is still lacking behind the essential technology that is available in most nations, but what’s important is that we’re catching up and we’re doing it fast.

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While it’s important to remember that some updates require the existing technology to be upgraded to sustain the changes, there are others that don’t follow the constraint and can be introduced without any delay. These delays have become an inevitable part of the technology available in India. This needs to stop and the tech world needs to change its outlook towards our country. We deserve to receive all the timely updates and upgrades and be treated at par with the rest of the world!