iPhone 8 hands-on video: No home button, wider frame and a lot more about design revealed

A new video showing the design of Apple iPhone 8 has surfaced online. iPhone 8 features edge-to-edge display with a dual lens camera that has been stacked vertically. Check out the design details here

When it comes to speculations, Apple’s iPhone 8 is always in news. A lot has been said about the features that iPhone 8 would sport. From embedding the Touch ID button under the display to a possible delay in the release, tech insiders are always spilling details about the smartphone. After serial tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer put out a video earlier this month that showed iPhone 8 in stunning detail, mobile tipster Benjamin Geskin has released another video that shows Apple iPhone 8 in all its glory.

The video shows iPhone 8 with a glass design and a metal chassis. The phone sports an edge-to-edge display and dual-lens rear camera that has been stacked vertically on the top-left corner of the phone.

Unlike some rumours which suggested that Apple will place the Touch ID on the back side of the phone near the camera, the video shows that the fingerprint scanner has been placed under the screen (owing to the lack of a physical home screen button on the phone).

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It might seem a bit disappointing, given that our curiosity surrounding the technical specifications has not been satisfied. But don’t worry as Geskin has something extra for you.

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Check out the technical specifications: 

iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display, wireless charging feature along with 3D facial scanning technology, A11 chipset and a brand new version iOS– iOS11.

Furthermore, Geskin believes that Apple will deliver a keynote on iPhone 8 on September 17, 2017, and that the sales would begin on September 25, 2017.

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It’s important to note that at this point, all of these are rumours and we won’t know anything for sure till the company graces us with some details.

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