Watch: Apple iPhone 8 concept video showcases new amazing features

This is how Apple iPhone 8 will look like?

Though we are months away from from the official launch of one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year– Apple iPhone 8 (no wait, was it iPhone Edition or iPhone X?), rumours about the specifications of the smartphone keep surfacing on the social media. Though the tech insiders have been kind enough to keep us occupied with the timely leaks, contradictory reports have added confusion to the excitement surrounding the launch of the device.

Designers, Thiago M Durate and Ran Avni have released an iPhone 8 concept video and it is the most lucrative design we have seen so far.

The new design shows iPhone 8 with an edge-to-edge display bezel-less display along with a metallic case. The device also features a fingerprint scanner, which is embedded under the display along with the front camera, which is almost too hard to notice amid the shimmer of the display. The video also confirmed some of the rumoured specifications. According to design in the video, the phone will not feature a physical home screen button on the display. The phone also features dual speakers at the bottom edge of bottom along with an OLED panel.

However, divulging from the previous rumours, the video shows iPhone 8 with a ceramic chassis instead of an all-glass design. Also, the two cameras on the back of the phone have been placed horizontally, instead of the purported vertical placement.

Furthermore, rumours suggest that the tech giant might not launch the smartphone in September opting for an October or a November launch instead, following some technical glitches that the company is still trying to figure out.

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Till we get an official word from the company, check out this concept video here: