Apple has been secretly working on a cure for diabetes

Here's how Apple plans on keeping diabetes at bay!

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Tech giant Apple has taken has taken the phrase too seriously and reports suggest that the company is working on a new technology that would help the people do just that without even shedding a drop of blood!  According to a report by CNBC, the tech giant has hired a team of bio-medical engineers to work on developing powerful sensors that are capable of monitoring the level of blood sugar continuously and more importantly non-invasive.

Apple’s team of ‘super 30’ engineers includes biomedical experts from companies like Vital Connect, Masimo Corp, Medtronic and C8 Medisensors.

Detecting blood sugar level without being invasive is a challenge that many tech companies including Alphabet Inc are struggling with. Alphabet Inc’s life science department Verily has also tried to develop smart contact lens that would measure blood glucose levels through the eyes. However, some reports suggest that the three-year-old project isn’t going well.

But recent reports suggest that Apple’s covert team has been secretly working on the technology for at least five years and now the initiative has come far along for the company to conduct feasibility trials. The company has even hired consultants to help it through the governmental regulations.

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The word is that Apple is developing special optical sensors that would shine light through the skin to measure blood glucose in the body.

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With devices like Apple Watch actively monitoring heart beat and steps walked continuously, the tech giant has made its ambition clear. If the company succeeds in developing such a device, it would not only turn around the fate of the multi-million dollar company but also change the face of medicine for ever.