Instagram introduces 'Archive' feature for hiding old and embarrassing posts

Instagram has introduced a new 'Archive' feature that lets you hide your posts without deleting it. While the archived post will be visible to you, your friends won't be able to see it

One dilemma that everyone has faced before posting a picture on Instagram is whether to post the image at all. And many times it so happens that we end up sharing an image that is best if kept under covers. Well, Instagram has finally answered all your prayers and released a  new Archive feature that lets you hide your posts without deleting them (yes, that’s possible now!).

As Instagram describes it, the new Archive feature lets you move your posts ‘in a space that is visible only to you’, giving you the flexibility to shape your profile while preserving all your precious memories.

So, how do I archive a post?

Well, archiving a post on Instagram is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do it tap on the three dots on the left side of your profile and then tap on the ‘Archive‘ option. The good thing about this feature is that while your followers won’t be able to see the post, it would still be visible to you in the Archived Posts section of your profile.

But what if I change my mind?

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Don’t worry because you can just as easily move your post back to space where your friends and followers can see it. All you need to do is go the image in the Archived Posts section of your profile, tap on the three dots on the right side of the image and then tap on ‘Show on Profile‘ option. The feature is available for download on the latest version of the Instagram app in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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To recall, the photo sharing app had introduced the feature last month on the beta version of the Instagram app. And the feature is now available for download on the regular version of the app.

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