Instagram gets an 'archive' option but there's a catch

Instagram has added a new 'archive' feature on its Android app that lets users hide their published post without deleting it. But the app is available only on the beta version of the Android app

After introducing a bundle of new features last week, Instagram is back with another update. However, this time it’s not a creative addition but more of a necessity. Those of you who use the photo-sharing app frequently would understand that many a time it so happens that you end up deleting a post because it has not garnered enough likes or shares. This can be dangerous and lead to the loss of monetizable content, especially if you have a business page.

But worry not dear friends, as Instagram has come up with a new ‘archive’ feature that lets you hide a post from without deleting it from the app (yes, that’s possible now!).

The new archive feature basically hides the post from your profile so that only you can see it. To ‘archive’ a post, tap on the three dots on top of the post and tap on the archive (see, it’s that simple).

Instagram archive

Instagram archive feature (Photo: Instagram app)

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However, if you want your friends to see the post, you can ‘un-archive’ the post just as easily. Tap on the clock icon in your profile and open your profile. Tap on the three dots on top of the post and click on ‘show on profile’.

But there’s a catch. The feature is available only on the beta of Instagram’s Android app. So you will have to wait a little bit longer to play hide and seek with your friends on Instagram. Till then, sit tight and hope that the company graces us with the feature soon!