Apple's latest iPhone 7 ad is a masterpiece of 'memories'-- Watch video

Apple has released a new emotional ad that educates the iPhone users about the 'Memories' feature that combines your old photos and video to turn them into a beautiful movie clip

Back in 2016, Apple introduced a new ‘Memories’ tab in iOS 10. The feature uses iPhone’s facial recognition feature and AI to combine photos and videos from your phone’s gallery to turn them into beautiful movies complete with transitions and sound effects within seconds. While the feature is quite amazing, but sadly, most people are not aware of it. And so to educate people about iOS 10’s ‘Memories’ feature, Apple has released a new ad that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

The new video open with an old man piecing together a year full of fond memories of a young Spanish-speaking girl. From curating clips of the moment with her baby to collecting photos showing the birth of her second child, the old Rober-Di-Niro looking man combines all the memories to turn a year of her life into a heart rendering movie clip that is bound to bring tears to your eyes.

In comparison, the old man is like Apple’s ‘Memories’ tab that combines the best of memories to give you a beautiful video in the end. Admittedly, the comparison is a bit paradoxical given that the old man struggles at each step while making the movie while the ‘Memories’ feature completes the task within seconds and too without even shedding a single drop of sweat.

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In theory, however, Apple’s Memories feature is like Google Photos, except that it doesn’t use the giant library of the search giant’s servers to give you the end result as everything is done with the resources available on your iPhone.

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Nevertheless, it is safe to say that Apple’s ‘educational’ video is cinematically creative and full of moments that will drift you in a sea of nostalgia as it nears towards its end.

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