Apple launches three new ads to lure Android users to switch to iPhone-- Watch videos

Apple has launched a new 'Switch' campaign to lure Android users into buying an iPhone. The videos highlight features like security, contacts and ease of use in an iPhone vs other phones. Check out the videos here

Apple has been in a state of war with the Android operating system (OS) ever since Samsung took over Nokia as the biggest smartphone maker in the world. While the company has enjoyed a loyal customer base for years, it’s no secret that Android is the most widely used operating system in the world powering over 80 percent devices worldwide. The number is significant enough to give nightmares to Apple, which has launched a new campaign to lure Android users.

The Cupertino-based company has launched a ‘Why Switch‘ campaign on YouTube, wherein it has cited a number of reasons why the Android users should switch over to an iPhone. It has also updated its ‘switch’ microsite giving interesting insights on how an iPhone is better than any Android smartphone.

The company has released three new videos as a part of its campaign that highlight three features that according to the company makes an iPhone your ideal digital partner. The first video, that talks about security, shows a burglar trying to break into an iPhone as it swiftly surfs through ‘your phone’, taking a subtle yet noticeable jibe at Android OS.

The second video, that talks about the ease of use, shows a woman walking through ‘your phone’ and an iPhone. As expected, the walk through an iPhone is super smooth, which in case of ‘your phone’ is fragmented and distorted.

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The third video, that talks about contacts, shows how easy it is to move contacts in an iPhone compared to other phones.

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Earlier this month, Apple had released a set of five videos highlighting features like speed, privacy settings and easy of moving images. Take a look:



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