5 Ways you can get more followers on Instagram

From using relevant hashtags and adding location to using a theme and tagging people, here's how you can get more followers on Instagram

Instagram is no longer an app where people share random images of their memories and experiences for fun. Today, people on Instagram mean business. Instagrammers share images to garner more likes, shares and followers on their profiles. Unlike old times, it’s a war game and it’s imperative that every single post tops the previous one in terms of reach and followership. However, at a time when there’s a flood of Instagrammers share their posts every day, it’s difficult to make your profile stand out.

We are here to change that. So here are 5 ways you can get more followers on Instagram:

One of the most important factors required for getting a strong followership on Instagram is having unity in your profile. Instead of sharing random images pertaining to irrelated topics, share images that portray a common theme. This will help people get a clearer picture of your profile and in turn, help you get more followers.


Theme on Instagram (Photo: Instagram grab)

Using relevant hashtags is another easy way of attracting more followers. Use popular hashtags in order to connect to similar posts. Type in a keyword to know what keywords others are using. Also use hashtags like #likeforlike, #followforfollow, #instadaily to attract more people to your profile.


Hashtags on Instagram (Photo: Instagram grab)

Tagging relevant people is yet another way of attracting more people to your Instagram profile. However, it’s imperative that you tag people associated with your posts only. Tagging Rakhi Sawant in an account dedicated to scientific developments won’t do your profile any good.


Tagging people on Instagram (Photo: Instagram grab)

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Add location
Always add location to your Instagram posts. It not only helps you to connect to the people in the neighbourhood but also to the businesses in the locality. Suppose your Instagram account is a travelogue, adding the location will attract the attention of both the natives and the potential tourists.


Adding location on Instagram (Photo: Instagram grab)

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to popularity, there is no escaping the words, at least not entirely. Give a brief (if not too detailed) description of your post explaining details like the location, purpose and occasion of the post.


Description on Instagram (Photo: Instagram grab)

Happy Instagramming folks!

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