11 Instagram accounts you need follow to get your daily dose of tech updates

Are you a tech buff? From NASA and Elon Musk to Techni Gadgets and Master Dynamic, here's are 11 tech accounts on Instagram you need to follow now

Social media is a crazy space. It is like the digital dreamland where absolutely anything is possible. While most of us, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, are places where we express our views and opinions are share our experiences, for others, it’s the place which provides us with our daily dose of information. These social media platforms provide us with a shot of information that not only entertains us but also educate us while satisfying our curiosity.

Of all the other social media platforms, Instagram is one place that is powered by images and fueled by interest. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where things can get a bit cluttery, Instagram imparts information using images, which can leave a lasting impact on people.

If you happen to be a tech buff and you want to get the day to day updates in the world of science and technology, here are 11 Instagram accounts you need to follow now:

The Gadget Flow
This gadget flow is an aggregator that gives information and first-hand account of most crazy gizmos that you will ever come across. From a monster coffee mug to foldable electric bike, the gadget flow will quench your thirst for the crazy.


The Gadget Flow (Photo: Instagram)

If you are a science nerd and if you are looking for a fact file, Curiosity is your destination. Astonishing facts coupled with quirky images make this account a delight to check out.


Curiosity (Photo: Instagram)

Are you bored of hearing about gadgets and gizmos from tech giants like Apple and Intel? Are you searching for something fresh? Well, Kickstarter is your pick as it features innovative projects from startups that dream to change the world.


Kickstarter (Photo: Instagram)

NASA Chandra X-ray
This one comes all the way from NASA and it features the stunning stellar images captured by the space research organisation’s Chandra Ray telescope.


NASA Chandra XRay (Photo: Instagram)

Canadian Space Agency
Just like NASA, Canadian Space Agency has in store for some of the most beautiful shots of the Earth and the Solar System from the. Watch and enjoy!


Canadian Space Agency (Photo: Instagram)

Elon Musk
Elon Musk is one the pioneers of the digital age who has not only challenged the present day technology but is also shaping it with his beyond the world ideas like SpaceX and Hyperloop. His Instagram page gives us timely updates about all his ongoing project, thus, satisfying our curiosity.


Elon Musk (Photo: Instagram)

CERN is the home page of one of the greatest scientific organisations of the world, the one that rocked the world with its Hadron Collider experiment. To know what’s going on at CERN and get a glimpse of its history follow its Instagram page.


CERN (Photo: Instagram)

Digital Trends
Back to the tech world, Digital Trends is all about the gizmos and gadgets that have hit the shelves. From drones to the latest play station, this one gives you a mixture of common and crazy.


Digital Trends (Photo: Instagram)

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This might come at an overdose of space science but it is totally worth it. From astonishing imagery to stunning videos, this pages is like your personal ‘NASA tracker’ that gives you update about all the projects going on at NASA.


NASA (Photo: Instagram)

Master Dynamic
For the tech geeks who know their audio too well, Master Dynamic is all about the h-tech headphones and earphones that will make you forget the world.


Master Dynamic (Photo: Instagram)

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Techni Gadgets
Are you a fan of weird gadgets? Well, Techni Gadgets is full of details about gizmos that would confuse while making you want to get your hands on them. From an ‘iPhone-looking’ table to Macintosh mini-computer, this one has it all covered.


Techni Gadgets (Photo: Instagram)

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