5 Instagram features that you need to start using now!

From sharing multiple images and creating collections to using multiple accounts using the same app, here are five features on Instagram you need to try now

Instagram is clearly one of the most popular photo-sharing apps in the world. People from across the globe share thousands of photographs and videos on it every day. From food and travel to memories and messages, Instagram is all about sharing the moment. Generally, we tend to a limited number of features offered by the app. However, there’s so much more that you can do with the app.

Here are some features on Instagram that you need to start using now:

Send posts to selected people
Instagram has a feature called Instagram Direct which lets you share photos and videos with individuals directly. It’s like your very own messaging service within the app.
How to do it: tap on the right arrow icon on your home page> type the name of the person you want to share the photo with> click on the photo icon to select a pic from your gallery or click on the camera icon to capture a new image> tap on the allow icon.

Instagram, Instagram Direct

How to use Instagram Direct

Share multiple images
Instagram is all about sharing your sweet memories with the world. And sometimes it’s hard to capture these memories in just one pic. Well, now you can share up to 10 images on Instagram in a single post. It’s just like a photo album.


How to share Multiple Images on Instagram

How to do it: tap on the plus icon in the app> tap on ‘select multiple’ option> select the images and click on ‘next’> edit your images> give your album a caption, tap people and add location> Tap share.


How to share Multiple Images on Instagram

Instagram Collections
The newly added ‘Collections’ feature lets you organise your saved posts into albums. You can create a new album while saving a post or divide your existing saved post into multiple collections.
How to do it: Tap on saved post option in your profile> Tap on ‘+’ icon> Type in name of your album> Tap on Next> Tap on saved posts to add it to your collection> Tap on tick symbol.

Instagram, Instagram Collections

How to add collections on Instagram

Access multiple accounts
If you are running page for your business on Instagram, you might want to maintain a separate account other than your personal account. Luckily for you, Instagram has an option that lets you operate two accounts using a single app.
How to do it: Go to your profile> Tap on three dots> Tap on ‘add account’ option in the About section> Enter your account details> Tap on login.


How to access multiple accounts on Instagram

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Reorder filters
We all have our favourite shades when it comes to Instagram filters. But sometimes selecting the right filter could mean surfing to the bottom of the list. But do you know you can organise your filter on Instagram?
How to do it: Tap on ‘+’ icon> Select any image> Tap on Next> Tap on the gear icon in the filter list> Drag and drop your favourite filters on the top> Tap on the tick icon.

instagram, instagram filters

How to reorder filters on Instagram