Crazy radio signals from outside Milky Way have baffled the scientists!

Scientists have recorded powerful signals coming from outer space. Are aliens trying to reach out to us?

Our universe is a mysterious place and it just keeps on getting crazier. Adding to the long list of mysteries surrounding the universe is a phenomenon– wherein radio signals have been detected coming from outside the Milky Way– has made the scientists go nuts!

Apparently, back in March, the scientists detected 10 powerful bursts of radio signals coming from the same location in the space. Although the scientists had detected these signals in the past as well, they were always coming from random locations in the space. However, in March, scientists for the first time ever heard repeated signals emanating from the same location outside our Milky Way.

These short-lived bursts called the fast radio bursts (FRB) only last for milliseconds, but they generate same energy as the Sun does in the entire day (We’re not kiddin’)! What’s goofy about these bursts is the fact that even though the scientists know how powerful they are, they aren’t able to figure out what is causing them.

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Scientists detected six additional bursts from the same source this year, all of which were recorded at Arecibo Observatory in the United States.

So far 17 bursts emanating from the same location in the space have been observed. The powerful nature of these bursts and consistency over a period of time is now making the UFO enthusiasts speculate that advanced alien civilisation might be behind them.

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Although it is believed that FRBs are caused due to the collision between two neutron stars. But, that would mean only two-three bursts are recorded at a time. The recent bursts were recorded within a period of 10-minutes from each other, which raises questions if an alien civilisation is trying to communicate with others out there in the space.

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Earlier this month, a video showing alien spacecraft leaving the surface of the sun sent the social media in a frenzy. 2016 has been the year of UFO sightings, wherein UFO enthusiasts have spotted alien space-crafts across the globe including Paris, New Mexico, Canada and Geneva. So, does this mean that aliens are closer to us than we anticipate? Maybe, they are!