People talk about the 'most pointless crimes ever' and the list is maddening

Someone broke into a man's car and stole... his trash. We're pretty sure these crime stories will make you scream in frustration

Crime stories hold a morbid fascination. The gory details, deliberate acts of cruelty or the momentary loss of self-control that leads to tragedy are often read with an almost obscene amount of interest. Be it the Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj murder mystery, the Jessica Lal murder case, the Nithari killings – we have all lapped up every minute detail of these macabre cases. Be it books, or television series, be it stories in the newspapers or films – crime stories have the ability to capture eyeballs like nothing else.

But these tales of crime are not always gruesome. There are, of course, crimes of many kinds  – there are those that your usual run-of-the-mill stories of petty crime, then there are those that seem too terrible to be true and then there are those that seem downright amusing. From a guy who stole a single banana, to the burglars who broke into a free store that’s run by patrons and does not charge for goods – these stories from Quora from a thread labelled – What is the most pointless crime you’ve witnessed? – will keep you entertained for sure.

  1. The geniuses who broke into a free ‘store’, broke into an empty vault and left

Read about it here

2. The men who needed an almost empty bottle of sauce


3. Banana. He just stole ONE banana.


4. We’d laugh if this didn’t make us want to cry.

5. Broke into a car — but stole the trash.

6. Nothing about this makes sense.

7. Delete this world. It’s broken.

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Story source: Quora