'Regret getting married' - People get brutally real about their relationships

Trigger warning: Some of these stories may be distressing and we recommend reader discretion

In India, marriages are considered sacred. Unfortunately, even though we give ‘weddings’ primary importance in our society, marriages (or rather the quality of it) score lower on the scale. Sometimes people get married due to parental pressure or at other times without really finding out the compatibility level of the two individuals involved. It is here that things begin to get dicey. You may want out, but how do you address the issue? Do you regret getting married? Or do you regret getting married to your spouse in particular? In India sadly we still do not address domestic discord, but keep it locked in, swept under the rugs because “log kya kahenge?”

More importantly, the question that bothers anyone who wishes to end a marriage is: What next? How will you deal with the judgement, the relentless and often insulting queries of relatives, neighbours, et al. Do you instead decide to stay caged within the confines of a relationship that will never see any happiness, because society? Is it habit or is it simply that you are too scared to find out what will happen if…?

This one Quora post has people sharing their experiences of how they regretted their marriage but eventually had to end it because things had gone terribly south. This is, with the ardent hope that these will act as a therapeutic balm for those currently in a similar scenario. You’re not alone and yes, this too shall pass:

1. Source: Divya Jain

2. Source: Jennifer Lynn

3. Source: Nisha Mishra

4. Source: Shailesh Raghav


Source: Elaine Green

6. SourceNisha Gupta


Source: Andrew Gould

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Source: Quora

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