Internet has 15 'suggestions for all Indian women' that really, truly are amazing

This post on Quora has an answer for all the annoying relatives and the unwanted stares that every Indian woman has become used to

From choice of clothes to choice of career, from education to ‘marriageable age’ – Indian women get way too much advice. Indian women now pros at dodging such queries be it at office parties or the public restroom, from functions where all your relatives are gathered to the high-society parties, we have all heard worried aunties trying to give us advice. Ever so often, nosy buggers pose as ‘well-wishers’ just in a bid to drag successful independent women down by making them chug the magical potion of self-doubt.

“Beta mind mat karna, mai toh tumhare bhale ke liye hi bol rahi hoon” ~ said every incredibly annoying busybody ever.

This Quora post about What advice would you like to give to Indian girls? is really driving the point home from -marriage tips to pursuing your dreams unabashedly, from choosing yourself over others to never underestimating yourself, here are 17 of the most kickass responses:

  1. On Materialistic Needs

2. On marrying the right guy and not the rich guy

3. On handling peer pressure

4. On keeping the right company

5. On letting society teach you what a boy or a girl can or cannot do

6. On the importance of helmets

7. On practising pseudo-feminists

8. On what is really important in life. You are not defined by your social media likes.

9. On gearing up with the right kind of armour to tackle life

10. Speak up for yourself, because who will if you don’t?

11. On differentiating a friendly face from a flirtatious one

12. On insecurities about your complexion

13. On allowing someone else to decide how much you should eat in order to maintain yourself

14. On letting someone else dictate what your career should be

15. On striving to achieve what you really wanted

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Perhaps this is enough inspiration for one day, all you young impressionable Indian women out there, let not society dictate the terms of your life.

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