ISS astronaut spots UFO. Are aliens spying on us?

After visiting the Earth, aliens are spying on the astronauts on board the International Space Station. Are we closer to an alien invasion?

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have for long been a subject of debate between the fans and the sceptics. Time and again people have shared their experiences of such sightings across the globe. However, these reports have been conveniently dismissed by the sceptics who have cited various natural phenomenon for the light shows. And this time around a mysterious object meandering near the International Space Station (ISS) has sent the UFO hunters in a frenzy.

Apparently, a video that was captured by an astronaut during his stay at the ISS earlier this week using a GoPro camera linked to the NASA’s live stream, shows an alien spacecraft flying close to the ISS before taking an amazing 180 degrees turn. The video that was first uploaded on the YouTube by Just Gaz on January 5, 2017, shows the UFO manoeuvring near the space station creating suspicions if the aliens are spying on the astronauts present on board.

Famous UFO blogger Scott C Waring explains that the ‘camera begins to move towards the light, pauses, then continues past as if the camera guy is trying not to let others know he sees the UFO’.

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Despite such strong assertions, sceptics have dismissed the claims of the UFO enthusiasts suggesting meteorites and optical illusion created due to light as a possible cause of the occurrence that is being confused as a UFO sighting.

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This is not for the first time that UFOs have been sighted in the space near the ISS. Earlier, a UFO that the sceptics suggested were solar flares, was spotted spying on the astronauts in October last year. The UFO was caught on camera during a live stream by NASA from the ISS.