FLOTUS swats POTUS' hand away, Twitter cheers her on

Donald Trump's first ever international trip as POTUS is not going well. After sword fighting and 'orb-holding', Melania refuses to hold his hand in public.

Donald Trump, in his first international trip as President of the United States of America has almost broken the internet. As the world was trying to get over the awkward sword dance there came the orb-holding memes. While most were still choking over the residual section of that particular piece of hilarity, Melania Trump jumped in to give us a spectacular display of affection. LOL, no. Not really.

POTUS and FLOTUS arrived in Israel after a trip to Riyadh. Here’s what happened next:

Hello and welcome to today’s segment of how-is-Donald-Trump-POTUS. If rumours are to be believed, the latest gossip about the Cheeto-in-Command is that his wife, Melania Trump is secretly also a part of the resistance. For those who have joined the party late, and by that we mean, just been born – since the advent of Orangeman in the White House, those opposed to the ruling party and its racist, xenophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and self-serving ideas, have been a fervent believer in the #resist movement.

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Donald Trump’s Saudi Arabia trip results in an unexpected sword dance, Twitter’s got jokes

It is this movement that Melania Trump, FLOTUS of the free world, ruler of smizing, and observor of the realm has slowly but surely become a part of. The web echoed with #FreeMelania after a GIF of her interaction with her husband went viral after the swearing-in ceremony. Now however it turns out that she requires nobody’s help in breaking free. She’s doing a fine job of it herself.

While walking down the red carpet with Donald Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump attempted to hold Melania’s hand – and she swatted him away.

Insert happy emoji thankyouverymuch. Sound the gongs, the woman is clearly fighting back.

For once, Twitter is cheering for a Trump: