Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia trip results in an unexpected sword dance, Twitter's got jokes

Donald Trump dances with a sword, proves he should never be allowed to dance. Or hold a sword.

Donald Trump’s maiden visit to Saudi Arabia has been a matter of much speculation. The most powerful President of the world was welcomed rather royally in Saudi’s own cultural style elaborated with airport ceremony, military flyovers, and what not. The two countries plan to be strong allies to combat terrorism especially in the Middle East and overlook their past differences. Donald Trump is the only President to visit Saudi Arabia or a Muslim majority nation in his maiden foreign visit. This surely comes off as a designated plan to overcome the damage control of Trump’s treatment of Muslims and the whole anti-Muslim stand.

But no one expected him to go so over the top with the whole customary function and you have got to admit, it was pretty awkward. Especially, the ceremonial Ardah sword dance, which Donald Trump and his officials joined in.

Apparently, Ardah is a traditional dance done before going for a war but now has been down to almost every ceremony or party. Well, whatever it may be, Trump’s Saudi visit gave the hungry Twitterati something to roast and boy, it is hilarious. Check it out: