Cannot afford Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone X? At least you can laugh at the memes for free

Facial recognition, wireless chargers, and approximately RS 89,000 cost. Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X provide fodder for memes

Apple just launched two more iPhones because what is even the point of a year without a major Apple event? The late Steve Jobs’ baby that is currently under the tutelage of CEO Tim Cook has dropped iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (AKA iPhone ’10’ not ‘x’). Facial recognition feature in iPhone X, also called the 10th anniversary phone, has caused a major uproar online. The longer battery life as well as the animojis (animated emojis) have been received with as much meme-otion as can be expected on Twitter.

It also will set you back by approximately Rs 89,000. All the newly launched iPhones come equipped with complete glass exteriors. iPhone 8 also comes with wireless charging, ‘Retina HD Display screen with 3D touch, and an ‘augmented reality experience’.

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But do these features matter to Twitter? Of course not. What matters to them are jokes. And frankly, since selling our kidneys isn’t really an option, they do to us too.

Facial recognition got Twitter like:

When iBae costs more than your soul:

And then the mother of all Twitter trends – #iPhoneFeatures4Politicians

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iPhone 8 price, specifications, features, and everything else