5 stupid sexist questions every journo should stop asking Bollywood actresses

Bollywood actresses face weird questions on their relationships and what not. If they say they don't like journos, it's also because we don't know our job

Actresses in India are subjected to a lot of mocking and criticism for their both on-screen and off-screen appearances. ‘Oh, look she wore a thigh high slit gown. Oh, she revealed so much of decolletage on the red carpet. You know she has as many as three kiss scenes in the film. Damn, she only has business in doing item numbers in the industry. Did you check out her recently leaked bikini pictures?’ . . .  and so on.

Though the time is changing and we owe a lot to the writers in the industry who are creating strong roles for women, performers who are confident about taking up such characters and filmmakers who put content first than money. There’s still a lot that needs to be done to empower women, to have good films which have women in substantiate characters and also to make women rise more in this totally male-oriented film industry. Many things need to be done, from accepting the existence of strong, bold and vocally more powerful actresses to appreciate films which brings in light the struggle and the stories of women who changed their lives on their own. But first, a basic step. Here are a few questions that we, the smart entertainment journos, need to stop firing to the actresses we interview:

How does it feel to be working opposite such a big star? 

Come on. Yes, she might be working with an actor who has more fans than her but she is also a talented actress. Demeaning her talent by putting her secondary to an A-list actor just talks about your shallow mentality.

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Please talk about your intimate scenes in the film. 

Why? What do you want to know? How many times did she give the retakes? Or how many people were around her when she was filming the scene? Not the scene but your sick questions make her feel more uncomfortable.

Which are the actors you want to work with in future? 

Yes, because acting for a woman means working with top notch actors in the industry. Whatever happened to her love for performing, interest in telling stories or doing films out of her passion!

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So, you have another actress working in the same film. Did you two gel well on the sets? 

Two or more actresses in a film can’t survive without cat-fights. There of course lies a story in how did A got more attention from the producers than B, or if C has more screen space than D in a film.

There are rumours that you are dating an actor. Would you like to talk about this relationship? 

Yes, she will. And what else you want to know — her bra size, when does she go to take bath, at what time of month does she have her periods or when was the last time she had sex? She can even tell you her phone number, just ask!

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