We Know You Hate It But There Is A Reason Why A Packet Of Chips Is Half Filled With Air

Valid. No?

The most common disappointing thing in everybody’s life is the empty space filled with air in a packet of chips.

Every time you get a packet of chips and before you taste, you just feel bad about the quantity. Peeps, we can feel you. But it is not something companies do to cheat us.

First of all, the air filled in the packet of chips is not ordinary air puffing, it is nitrogen. The idea behind filling it with air is to protect the snack from damage during the shipping and transportation. Also, there is no oxygen in these packets as it may spoil the chips and turn them soggy, on the other hand, nitrogen gas helps the chips stay fresh. Nitrogen is odourless and tasteless and so it doesn’t hamper the taste or smell of chips and make it perfect for a packet. It keeps the flavour intact.

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According to scientific study, in 1994 the practice was approved as the nitrogen gas has no harmful effects on the human body.