'Vodka-cranberry golgappa' is the party food you deserve #DabbaGoals

This New Year's eve, keep your glasses aside and hold golgappas. Check out the recipe

New Year parties are all about finger food and a whole lot of cocktails, but what if we told you there’s a way to combine both? Here’s something different and delicious at the same time: vodka-cranberry golgappas as no gathering is ever complete without the clinking of those celebratory glasses. Well, this year keep your glasses aside and hold golgappas.

These easy to make cocktail golgappas will surely make for a perfect party cocktails. Here is the recipe:


Pre-made golgappas or get a packet of golgappa and fry them at home

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Mix vodka and cranberry in glass
Serve them in golgappas

Tip: You can coat golgappas with chocolate too.

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