Tornado Potato Fries: How to make South Korea's delicious street food at home #DabbaGoals

South Korea's Potato Tornado Fries are curly fries on a stick and is very easy to make at home. Check out the recipe

Every country has there own array of street foods, and recently, we had something wonderful from South Korea: Tornado Potato Fries.

These fries are spiral chips made of potato and once cooked, they turn into curly fries on a stick. It is easy to make and if you are expecting it to be crispy (like chips), no they are not. Even after deep frying it, the fries are soft due to the mayonnaise, and taste delicious. Here is a simple recipe for Tornado Potato Fries that you can make at home:

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1 Washed Potato
Cornflour + Garlic powder + Salt + Seasoning
Peri Peri (optional)
1 Spiral cutting machine or knife
1 Stick

1. Push a soaked skewer through the center of potato
2. Either use spiral cutting machine or hold a sharp, thin knife and cut potato in the opposite direction
3. Gently fan out the potato down and make even gap between the slices
4. Brush melted butter over the potato
5. Brush cornflour mix over the potato spiral
6. Deep fry until it turns brown or you can bake it for 25 minutes
7. Garnish with peri peri and mayonnaise

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