These fat and slimy worms are a delicacy we dare you to try

Would you dare to eat fat and slimy worms from the Philippines that taste like oysters?

Our world is a bizarre place. And the world of culinary delights is full of weird dishes that can leave you baffled. To give you a heads up, we are talking about crazy dishes like the Icelandic Hakarl (fermented sharks) and South Korean Sannakji (live octopuses) — that will make you gag the first time you look at them, but who knows if you start loving it.

Even if you a foodie (and a daredevil), who would never back down from any freakish challenge like eating a bucket full of fried scorpions, would you dare to eat worms?

Tamilok, food

Tamilok (Photo: Flickr)

No, we are no kidding. Just look at these fat and slimy worms. Don’t they look tempting to you? Wouldn’t you want to give them a try?

Tamilok, food

Tamilok (Photo: Twitter/ CACR NZ)

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Tamilok or woodworms are a regional delicacy in the Palawan and Aklan provinces of the Philippines. They are found inside the trunks of the dead or fallen mangrove trees and you often have to split the wood open to find these worms. Interestingly, these worms aren’t worms at all. In fact, they are mollusks (like clams) from the snail family that feeds on dead wood.

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They are served in kinilaw style (which is similar to that of ceviche)– raw and marinaded with vinegar, chopped chili pepper and onions. In case you are wondering about the taste, it is said to taste just like oysters.

So, next time you visit the Philippines, don’t forget to give these yummy worms a try at local restaurants and food stalls.

Happy Munching!

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