Skimmed milk, wheat bread and 5 other food items that are not as healthy as you think!

Most of the snacks we love and think are healthy – are in fact unhealthy. Here's a list of 'healthy foods' that aren't as good for you as you think!

While everyone wants to eat healthy and be fit, there are many products in the market that appear to be really healthy for you but aren’t. While the ‘perfect food’ is a myth, most foods are not as healthy as they claim to be. Don’t just blindly listen to manufacturers when they say their products are healthy! You should be aware of the real nutritional value of many foods.  Unfortunately, most of the meals, snacks and drinks that we love and think are healthy – are in fact unhealthy. Confused?

Here’s a list of ‘healthy foods’ that aren’t as good for you as you think!

Dried fruits

A serving of dried fruits like mangoes orcranberries has around 30g of sugar. Nuts like almonds or cashews aren’t all good either as they contain unnecessary preservatives to extend their shelf life. Sellers often use sulfur dioxide to preserve freshness and add sugar to sweeten the flavor!

Froyo or flavored yogurt

When it comes to yogurt, choose plain ones over fruity flavors (even if they claim to be fat free) because there is probably no actual fruit in the yogurt and there is a lot more sugar than normal yogurt!

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