Not just hen, here are 9 other types of eggs you should be eating

Do you love to snack on a protein-friendly diet? Do you love to snack on eggs? Would you dare to try ostrich eggs and goose eggs

The world is a weird place, where gravy wrestling is a sport and people wear rice around their necks for the style. It’s a place where people get donut implants in their heads (yeah, we were shocked too!) and mothers are required to watch their daughters have sex for the first time by law (hello, privacy?). And when it comes to food, things just keep on getting weirder!

While eating live octopuses (*gag*) is a common thing in Korea, fried tarantulas are a common delicacy in Cambodia (apparently they even have special vending machines for the same). However, if you think that you have hit the deep end in terms of knowing about weird food items, we have more such weird stuff for you and this one is especially for the eggetarian who love to snack on the high-protein diet.

So fellas, here’s a list of bird-egg dishes that you need to try out now:

1) Duck: Braised duck is a popular French dish, but do you know you can actually eat duck eggs? They are much richer and larger than chicken eggs. The good news is that they contain more protein than chicken eggs. However, duck eggs also contain more cholesterol and fat. Well, you can enjoy them soft-boiled, scrambled, or in a Scotch egg.

duck eggs

duck eggs (Photo: Dreamstime)

2) Turkey: Turkey eggs have creamy big yolks and taste perfect when fried. They look similar to duck eggs but tastes like chicken’s egg. The only thing is that they are kinda rare to find. Good luck finding them!

eggs, food

Turkey Eggs (Photo: Facebook)

3) Goose: We all have read about this beautiful bird during our childhood days. But have you ever thought about eating a goose egg? Well, for those of you who have given it some thought, goose eggs are twice the size of eggs by hens. They are denser and have a high protein content. Also, they are a tough nut to crack. But good luck finding them first!

egg, food

Goose egg omelette (Photo: Facebook)

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4) Ostrich: You need to have an appetite of a lion to eat this one in a single go. Ostrich egg is the largest of bird eggs and it weighs nearly 1.3 Kilograms (yikes!). They have a whopping 2,000 calories. Wish you luck digesting that!

egg, food

Ostrich eggs (Photo: Facebook)

5) Emu: Emu eggs weigh nearly 0.9 kilograms and their egg white is like a glue. They are bigger and creamier than eggs by a hen and they are an absolute delight to eat!

eggs, food

Emu eggs (Photo: Facebook)

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6) Quail: Quails are tiny birds and their eggs are small and delicate. Quail eggs are mostly used as a condiment in Malaysian sambal (yes, you can actually eat them!). Would you try the dish?

egg, food

Quail eggs (Photo: Facebook)

7) Gull: This is rare to catch hold of and it is available just for a 3-4 week starting early May. The eggs of black-headed gulls are so rare that their collection is managed through a strict licensing procedure. The nesting sites are fiercely guarded to keep away foxes and other predators.

egg, food

Gull eggs (Photo: Facebook)

Pheasant: These eggs with deep yellow yolks are half the size of hens. Pheasant eggs look beautiful and are in olive-green or brown coloured shells. These taste best when hardboiled, or fried.

Pheasant eggs

Pheasant eggs (Photo: Dreamstime)

In case you were wondering these are subtle egg-based dishes you can have. And here comes the star of our article:

9) Balut: It’s a fertilised bird embryo (usually of a duck) that is boiled (or steamed) and eaten from the shell. It’s commonly eaten in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Would you give this one a try?

balut, food

Balut (Photo: Facebook)


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