From dead babies to live octopuses: 7 weird things people eat around the globe!

People around the world eat things that only the brave can think about putting in their mouths. Check out our list of the top 7 weirdest dishes people eat:

You think the lauki ki sabzi and karela you had for dinner is the most disgusting thing on the planet? You’ll be thanking your lucky stars once you read our list! There are loads of different cultures on our rather bizarre planet, and each culture has plenty of dishes that range from ‘Woah I wanna eat that’ to ‘Wait that thing could probably eat me’. From live snakes to a Sea Urchin’s sex organs- people around the world eat things that only the brave can think about putting in their mouths. Check out our list of the top 7 weirdest dishes people eat.

Warning: Do not watch the videos if you’re easily squirmish

Fetus soup

After images of dead babies being cooked went viral almost a decade ago, most people argued that they were fake but a report received by The Seoul Times confirmed that many towns in China, like the southern province of Canton (Guangdong), were eating human embryo and fetus soup for human consumption to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance. Though the practice has been banned now, it is rumored that many tiny villages are still continuing to consume this soup.

Live octopuses

In Korea, Octopus is considered a treat and their favorite recipe is rather simple- don’t cook it, don’t kill it. Just eat it. It is deadly sometimes as the live octopus can fight for its life and the person could choke. They eat it for strength and stamina! Check out the footage here:

Sour toe cocktail

A Canadian bar serves something that will make your toes curl- a shot of whiskey, with a severed toe in the glass. Yes, the toes are drained of all body fluids and then pickled. Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City calls it their most unique and well-known drink. Take a look at people trying to chug the “delicacy”:

Drunk shrimp

Angry about live Octopuses? Japan and China have the perfect solution: Drunk Shrimps. Yes, the shrimp are drunker than you on a Friday night. Live shrimp are soaked in a Chinese spirit called Baijiu, (a 100 proof alcohol) and are placed on your plate whilst they’re twitching and turning restlessly.

Sea Urchin’s gonads

A sea Urchin is probably the last thing you’ll think about eating, probably because it’s covered with a more than a thousand super sharp thorns. Restaurants just crack the shell open and feed on its, err..nuts whilst the Urchin squirms. This isn’t just some crazy dish they make in Japan or China; you can find places in LA and San Diego too! Check it out:

Raw worms

The world is afraid of Australia for a reason. When they’re not busy cleaning up the residue from spider rains, they’re chowing down on huge 4-inch-long fat, squirming caterpillars. The dish is called Witchetty Grubs and are as disgusting as the name sounds. Check em out:

Dead birds rotting in a seal carcass

No, we’re not making this up. This is a delicacy in Greenland! The dish is called Kiviaq and takes 18 months of preparation. Dead birds are stuffed into a dead seal (poetic, isn’t it?) and the sack of seal skin stuffed with the decaying bodies of hundreds of birds is a delicacy. No, it’s not even cooked. It’s edible Goddamit, don’t complain!

Feeling hungry yet?

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