Nihari to Haleem: 5 Dishes That Are Complicated And Need Patience

Indian dishes are not the simplest of foods to cook

Cooking food is not an easy task. Even an omelette needs some work. Even Maggi needs some expertise in cooking. And the age-old humble khichri is gourmet in the hands of an expert. But then there are dishes, which have complicated recipes and cooking procedure.  So, unless you have some practice with cooking, don’t think you can pull these off easily. Here’s a  lowdown on how to get these dishes right.

1. Nihari

This stew based dish is made by slow cooking meat along with the bone marrow for more than 12 hours. It is one of the most loved traditional breakfasts of Old Delhi and dates back to 17th-18th century. It requires around 20 ingredients and is a long process to be cooked. Check recipe here:

2. Haleem

Haleem, the slow cooked meaty specialty, needs a layered cooking process which takes time up to 2 hours. However, ingredients used are basic. It is said the dish was served in Mughal courts.

3. Pork Asado

Pork Asado requires slow cooking and takes around 3 hours to cook perfectly. The cooking process is very complicated and needs much care so that pork doesn’t ruin.

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4. Kashmiri Harissa

There is a lot more than dum aloo, or the yakhni when it comes to Kashmiri food. Kashmiri harissa is a meaty dish and staple in Kashmiri households. However, cooking Kashmiri harissa is a herculean task. It takes around 12 hours to cook and has to be kept overnight before consumption.

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5. Ghevar

This delicious Rajasthani dessert is disc-shaped sweet made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup. To make the sweet dish, ghee and maida need to be mixed so well that lumps are formed and once it is done, you need to remove the oil.