Love eating sweets with Chandi ka warq on Diwali? Here's why it might be bad for you!

The silver leaf has been a part of India's rich tradition as it was used by Mughal emperors, but it never had any significant health benefits.

Diwali is around the corner. All we can see are happy-smiley faces, and the most thing that we really love on festivals — Sweets. Oh yes, we’re in it for the lip-smacking sugary goodness! From barfis to gulab jamuns — these sweets are the highlight of the festive spirit and you can’t help but eat way more than what you planned (not judging) and go a bit overboard.

Out of all the sweets on your plate, one stands out. Yes, we’re talking about the almost-luxurious sweets with a coating of silver leaf aka Chandi ka Warq! We know you’re all wrapped up in festivities, but have you ever paused to wonder if the thing that makes these sweets shine so bright is actually safe for consumption? The silver leaf has been a part of India’s rich tradition as it was used by Mughal emperors, but it never had any significant health benefits. Now, we’ve got some good and bad news so bear with us.

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While the opulent-looking warq has anti-microbial properties and can increase the shelf life of food products, adulteration is quite easy (and is prevalent nowadays) as people can simply use aluminium instead of silver to create a cheap dupe and sell it for high prices during Diwali when the demand is high!

Worried? Fret not. Here are some ways of identifying real warq and busting the dupes:

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1. Wipe your fingers on the silver leaf, if the coating sticks to your fingers, the sweets have been adulterated with aluminium.

2. When set to fire, silver leaf turns into a ball of silver. If it burns and leaves greyish ashes behind, it is adulterated with aluminium.

3. Rub the silver leaf between your fingers. If it is pure silver, it will disappear. If it’s adulterated, it will turn into a small ball.

So people, make sure that the chandi ka warq on your sweets is the not adulterated and is healthy for you and your family! Have a safe and Happy Diwali!

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