Food-grammers to fussy eater: 7 types of foodies we all have in our lives

Some start their day with thinking about dinner and a few just think about their dessert cravings. Check out different types of foodies

There are people who live to eat and then there are some who eat to Instagram. When it comes to food, it is not just foodies and non-foodies, there are different types of people. Some start their day with thinking about dinner and a few just think about their dessert cravings. Well, after meeting different type of people who love to eat, we have come down to 7 types foodies we all have in our lives.

The Food-grammers


Every group has at least one person who loves to click a picture before eating. Doesn’t matter if your food goes cold, but uploading a photo is a must. This type of foodies learns everything from food porn. They click at least 10 pictures to choose one for their Instagram. And believe us or not, they know all the hashtags.

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Same-Order-Everytime Eater


There is always one person who eats the same thing every single time. They have their fixed street food, dessert or anything else. Even they have one fixed dish for their fixed restaurants. You just can’t ask them to try anything else beyond their fixed food.

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‘Eat-Like-There-is-No-Tomorrow’ Eater


There is always an enthu-cutlet in a group who loves to show excitement over food at every outing. They order everything on the menu and don’t miss trying even one dish. They even plan their day around food. And attend parties for some yummy in their tummy.

The Vegan Eaters


These types of eaters never miss a chance to promote their dairy-free gluten-free lifestyle. They can discuss vegan foods as much as you can about the best thing you ate last week. And they are often seen appreciating and promoting vegan lifestyle loudly and clearly.

Foodie Who Knows It All


There are people who watch food shows, who read food magazines. They know everything about all the cuisines. They might not have tasted a single thing on the list, but know everything.

Fussy Eater


Generally, we don’t like inviting these types for dinner. They aren’t allergic to anything but picky about everything on the plate. They know how to ruin your happy appetite.

So, can you connect with any of these? Do let us know which of these foodies is the closest to you?

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