#DabbaGoals: This Eatery In Old Delhi Serves Kebabs For Rs 10

The shop is run by two Kashmiri brothers, who come from Anantnag to Delhi every winter in December and stay till March

Old Delhi has many hidden treasures. From mouth-watering Nihari to succulent kebabs, every shop and every dish has some hidden story. One of the eateries in this maze of delectable delicacies is a tiny shop that serves kebabs for just Rs 10. While there is a lot of places to enjoy meaty delicacies, this shop stands out for its low prices and succulent flavours.

The shop is run by two brothers from Kashmir, Mohammed Akbar and Mohammed Hussain, who come from Anantnag to Delhi every winter in December sell kebabs in Old Delhi till March. They have been coming here for the past 30 years. They sell kebabs made with buff meat, which is hand minced and has special Kashmiri masalas (which they refused to share) along with garlic, green chilli, cumin and garam masala, to name a few. The best part is that they serve kebabs with a spicy mint chutney and sliced onions on a green sal leaf.

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Where: Opposite Masjid Mashal Chiyan, Pahari Bhojila, Bulbulli Khaana Road, Sitaram Bazar, Old Delhi
Cost: Rs 10 per piece
Time: 2 pm to 12 am

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