Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100 in Noida: Apple Pie

We'll bring some tasty delights from Noida every week and highlight one food item we tried under Rs 100. This week's special is Apple Pie

The festive season has officially begun. From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year, its time that we take out our dancing shoes and get the party started. And nothing speaks about the spirit of the festive season better than a perfect pie or maybe a Blair Waldorf party (remember Gossip Girl?).

Recently I was out hunting for pies at the bakeries near my house (c’mmon who doesn’t love a well-baked pie?) and to my disappointment, I found nothing until I found a shop near the Botanical Garden metro station that had every (almost) dessert that my heart desired. So, for the seventh edition of ‘Best thing I ate this week under Rs 100‘, we will take you on a trip to have the best dish in under Rs 100 to Noida’s Sector 38. And it’s time to eat an Apple Pie.

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Mr. Brown (Photo: Zomato/
Aashu ArvIndian)

How I got there: Well, the place is relatively easier to reach as it is located in the vicinity of the Botanical Garden metro station. If you are travelling by metro, all you need to do is — get down at this station and you will find it just next to the main gate. As far as I am concerned, I was looking for bakeries, with pies on their menu in this area, when I found it.

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About the place: To say that it’s a small bakery/eatery would be an understatement. It’s every bit of regal and classy. And it looks like an Italian bakery. Luckily for me, despite the decor and the elaborate food items on its menu and on the shelves, the place is within the budget of any college going student– which is one thing I absolutely loved about this place other than the food of course.

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Apple Pie (Photo: Shweta Ganjoo)

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What I ate: I was looking for pies and what I found on their menu was an apple pie. Unlike traditional pies that usually made for 5-6 people, this one was small and sufficient for one person (exactly what I needed). As far as the taste is concerned, the pie had a crunchy exterior and a sweet and moist filling. The sweetness of the filling was balanced perfectly by the crust. All in all, I had a typical Thanksgiving-like experience that too within 100 bucks.

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Name: Mr Brown
Price: Rs 80
Address: Botanical Garden Metro Station, Sector 38, Noida
Timing: 12 pm to 11 pm

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