9 myth-busting tips from nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar to help you eat right

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar's wildly popular 'The Fitness Project 2018' is a one-of-its-kind open participation public health project

In this day and age of monumental stress and cheap packaged food, quite a bit of our diets consists of what can be classified as, well, garbage. A lot of us frantically read about dietary fads on the internet, and then indulge in crash diet in the quest for healthy living.

After launching five books, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has now started ‘The Fitness Project 2018’, a one-of-its-kind open participation public health project. You can sign up and become a part of it by following Rujuta’s simple rules.

1. Ghee without guilt


Ghee (Photo: Dreamstime)

According to dietitian Rujuta Diwekar, add a spoon of ghee in daal, or parantha as it ‘reduces the glycaemic index’ of your food. In her book, Indian Super Foods: Change The Way You Eat, she writes, “.. ghee regulates blood sugar and that reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. This ensures that there is a slow, steady rise in blood sugar and better energy levels through the day.”

2. Desi snacks first!


makhaana (Photo: Dreamstime)

Rujuta recommends carrying snack boxes to work so that the office canteen’s oily samosa doesn’t tempt you much. Rather than eating processed food, Rujuta suggests desi snacks dry fruits, peanuts, makhanas roasted in ghee. Stick to the healthy carbs of homemade food.

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3. Stop morning chai and coffee


almonds (Photo: Dreamstime)

Yes, we understand it is a long habit of starting a day with chai or coffee, but stop now if you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Start your day with a seasonal fruit, banana or saffron-soaked almonds and raisins. Wait for 15 minutes and then get your caffeine fix.

4. Eat fresh


cooking (Photo: Dreamstime)

Even if you have to eat packed food for lunch, make sure breakfast and dinner are freshly made. Your food shouldn’t be overheated as it will lose its natural nutrients.

5. Never say no to milk


Milk (Photo: Dreamstime)

Though it is a common misconception that dairy intake is off limits during a ‘diet’. As per Rujuta, the easiest way to get your daily protein intake is through milk.

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6. Say no to everything artificial


Sugar (Photo: Dreamstime)

Natural food is what all you need. If it is not doctor’s instructions, artificial sweetener shouldn’t be a choice. Do not replace your sugar intake with an artificial sweetner as the sugar made in India is from sugarcane, which isn’t harmful.

7. Masala chai is fun and better

masala chai

masala chai (Photo: Dreamstime)

Green tea is said to be healthier but Rujuta believes the excess consumption can lead to side-effects. She rather prefers to consume masala chai.

8. Drink water but don’t burst your bladder


Water (Photo: Dreamstime)

If the colour of your urine is color of transparent water, you are having a good amount of water. Drink water regularly but don’t overdo it.

And a bonus tip: 

9. Mix cardio and Yoga

If you want to lose weight, cardio is the best form of exercise. But you can also mix Yoga to it. Yoga promotes greater mental health as well as helps in a healthier lifestyle.