7 kitchen hacks for bachelors to make their life easier

You can thank us later!

For most bachelors, kitchen is a place where they either reheat stuff or prepare maggi occasionally or simply, go to pick a plate/glass and dump them back. Kitchen and bachelors, living alone, often don’t go well together. But ask any bachelor, kitchen, undoubtedly, forms an indispensable part of their lonely existence.

So, if you happen to fall in this category, here are some kitchen hacks that will definitely make your life simpler.

1. Never use a plate to serve pizza

Pizza, generally, comes in a box that has perforated lines. You can easily tear along and use those cardboard pieces, instead of plates.


2. Storing a leftover cake

Ordering a cake and having it all by yourself is one of the best things bachelors love to do. But if halfway through, you give up the idea of having it full, you can use few pieces of bread and toothpicks to prevent it from getting hard.

Leftover Cake

Leftover Cake (Photo: Dreamstime)


3. Reheat leftover pizza

We know that’s a rare possibility. But if you’re left with last night’s pizza slices, you can easily reheat them. Check out how:

4. Slicing onions 

Chopping onions is one of the toughest jobs. Not anymore. Soak the onions in cold water for 30 seconds before slicing. You’re sorted.


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5. Beer storage problem?

So, your fridge is almost full and you don’t know how to store the beer bottles in it? Here’s a hack. Make beer bottle pyramid and use a paper clip to save them from falling. Simple.

6. Don’t have chilled beer?

You have a party but don’t have chilled beer? Fret not. Quickly wrap the beer bottles in a wet paper towel and put in the freezer. Take them out after 15 minutes. Enjoy chilled beer with your friends!

7. Hate to peel a boiled egg?

Peeling boiled egg is a huge task. Isn’t it? Maybe you didn’t know this hack — Put a hard-boiled egg in a cup and cold water. Cover the top of the jar with your hand and give it a shake. The shell will break away from the egg.

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