7 coffee rituals from around the world you won't believe existed

How do you like your cuppa!

Coffee lovers around the world know the magic of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Expresso, Cappucino, Macchiato, Latte, you surely have come across different types of coffees on restaurant menus but did you know even its consumption habits differ from country to country? Coffee is an experience in itself. So, from Saudi Arabia to Mexico, people like to experience their coffee differently. Here we bring you some of the most interesting ‘coffee-drinking rituals’ (as we may call them) from around the world:

1. Italy
Italians love their espresso in small cups. Interestingly, they consume coffee while standing. Also, for them, the best time to enjoy cappuccino is early morning, while it is a strict no-no at night.


Italy (Photo: Dreamstime)

2. Turkey
People in Turkey prefer their coffee mostly after the meal. It is served in a long copper pot, Cezve and they savour it with a Turkish candy. Well, they believe in a popular saying, ‘Coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love’.


Turkish (Photo: Dreamstime)

3. Cuba
In Cuba, coffee is usually quite strong and is served in shots. The first thing every Cuban does in the morning is relish a strong coffee.

Cuba Coffee

Cuba Coffee (Photo: Dreamstime)

4. Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia, coffee ritual includes cultural etiquettes like the first cup of coffee is served to the elders. A typical cup of Saudi Arabian coffee contains cardamom spice and dates to balance the bitterness.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia (Photo: Dreamstime)

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5. Ethiopia
People in Ethiopia love their coffee so much so that they have declared it as their country’s national drink. There’s a popular saying in the country that goes like ‘Coffee is our bread’.

Ethiopians are really particular about their coffee so they first add sugar in the cup, then coffee along with water. They have a traditional ceremony in which they have three servings of coffee and each is given its own name — Awol, Tona and Baarka.


Ethiopia (Photo: Dreamstime)

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6. France
French begin their day with Café au lait, which is coffee with hot milk. It is served in a wide mug so that they can enjoy baguettes or croissants along.


France (Photo: Dreamstime)

7. Mexico
Mexicans love their coffee with cinnamon. Their coffee is usually spiced and is brewed with cinnamon sticks in earthenware pots.


Mexican (Photo: Dreamstime)