5 mouth-watering snacks you can easily make in a hostel

Happy hostel life!

If you live in a hostel or all by yourself, you must have encountered those midnight hunger pangs. And if you’re also one of those unlucky ones – which you probably are –  for whom that unappetizing mess food is never enough but are bored of that regular Maggi, we’ve got you covered.

We got you some easy-to-make recipes:

1. Chips sandwich

Just buy a packet of masala chips and put them in between bread slices. But wait, here’s a delicious twist to this recipe:

2. Biscuit cake

Long before jam tarts and cream biscuits, students in hostel used to eat jam and biscuits. You just need to spread jam on a biscuit and cover it with another one. Savour it!

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3. Peanut Masala

Chop a few onions and chillies and mix it with roasted peanuts and add some lemon juice — here’s the perfect mid-nightsnack. You can even eat it with bread slices.

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich with iron

You don’t need to order a grilled sandwich when you can grill it yourself. No, you don’t need a griller. All you need is an iron and cheese and, of course, bread slices. Treat your friends and yourself to this classic comfort food!

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5. Egg bhurji prepared in electric kettle

If you have a kettle, you can make egg bhurji. Just break the eggs and pour the contents to a tumbler, add salt, green chilies and mix it all together. Stir with a spoon. Pour 2 tablespoon of oil to the kettle and spread oil on the bottom. Let oil get warm and pour the egg content into the kettle. Your egg bhurji would be ready in no time!