5 bizarre yet amazing international food trends we hope to see in India next year

With the growing trend of experimenting with food in India, we really wish to see some of the international trends in our country soon.

When a South African chain introduced the ‘black burger’ in 2015, the food-lover inside us wanted to grab it then and there. The food gods heard us and just a week later, it came to Delhi. With the growing trend food experiments in India, we really wish to see some of the international food trends reach our country sooner.

Imagine something like coffee in a cone or cabbage taco shells. We’re sure that the food-lover inside you is already tempted to try it. 2017 is almost over, but our food cravings are not. We really hope 2018 brings these strange yet awesome food trends to India:

1. Cabbage taco shell

Classic tacos are not going anywhere but little innovation does spice up things. We have already seen the classic tacos, but how about something slightly more healthy? The west has already started serving cabbage tacos, we hope to get them too.

PS: People on a keto diet can also eat this version of taco

2. Charcoal cocktails

Activated charcoal seems to be taking over the food circuit. First burgers, then cones and now, cocktails. Several restaurants in NYC and London are already serving activated charcoal cocktails. This is another way to stay healthy while drinking something more than just juice and water. These charcoal cocktails help flush out toxins. Doesn’t that sound refreshing already?

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3. Mushroom coffee

Sounds bizarre, right? People in the west have already started experimenting by adding mushrooms to beverages. It is quite a healthy option with many incredible benefits. The mushrooms used in the coffee are medicinal, which help boost immunity, improve brain cells and also, reportedly helps fight neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s.

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4. Coffee in a cone

The trend started by The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg was one of the most viral social media trends this year. Mixing up two things that almost everyone loves was the coolest idea we have seen. Don’t you think it’s time that this amalgamation of coffee and cone moves to India? In fact, the best thing about ‘coffee in a cone’ is that we no longer have to think about the coffee accompaniments.

5. Churro ice cream bowls

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Ice cream served with alcohol or cupcakes are passé. No wonder people in the USA are going gaga over this absolutely delicious creation. Serving ice cream in a churro bowl is a brilliant idea. Though the trend started in 2016, it gained popularity in 2017. A vanilla or chocolate scoop inside churro bowl will certainly make your day.

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