Best hairstyles of 2016: 7 Hairdos men can take forward to 2017

Be it colouring them with the Nutella to trimming them with fire, people experimented a lot of with the hair.

With only a few days left in 2016, it’s time to look back to the best hairstyles for men. Undoubtedbly, the grooming game was much high in 2016 and we saw real modish and cool hair trends. Austin Butler’s Ombre Surfer and Gordon Hayword Undercut set a good benchmark for hairstyles this year. Be it colouring them with the Nutella to trimming them with fire, people experimented a lot of with the hair. It sounds insane but yeah this is what the hair stylists did in 2016.

We have enlisted the trendiest hairstyles which were most prevalent among the celebs as well as youth in 2016 and of course, you can take them forward to 2017:

Slicked Back

Needless to say, it’s classy. When looked at the original slicked back style, top remains the same, but when one look at the sides and you’ll notice a big difference from the past. Modern variations include everything from sides with a fade or undercut.

Slicked back

Slicked back (Photo: Instagram & Facebook)

The Fade

The fade is the more subtle and suave hairdo for the man seeking style. It is a shorter and textured version of the cut which will give you a more creative feeling. The low fade was much in fashion.

The Fade

Fade (Photo: Instagram & Facebook)

Rebel Curls

Have curls and you keep them hidden under the caps? Follow the footsteps of the stars who adorned their look to the best with those curls. The style is simple, let them be messy, long and shaggy and keep them unwashed and unstyled.

Rebel Curls

Rebel Curls(Photo:Instagram & Facebook)


Suedehead is from the subculture of the 70s of being a skinhead. The original Skinhead was not completely shaven but had a short, smart haircut. It is the buzz cut now which make you look younger and edgier.

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Suedehead (Photo: Instagram& Facebook)

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Pompadours are styles from England for guys with long hair. Your hair should not be clipped higher than the crown of your head to ensure that you don’t end up with a more exaggerated, angular style. To adjust your hair, use soft wax or pomade and try to enhance the natural wave.


Pompadour(Photo:Instagram & Facebook )

The Bun

The classic man bun, dreaded bun and braided bun — they were all there in 2016 for the bohemian look. If you have long dreads or messy hair, just tie it back for the wilder look!


Bun(Photo:Instagram & Facebook)

The Undercut

This hairdo is simple to keep. The hair should have a shorter length on the side as compared to the top. The trick to achieving this look is to keep the sides tight and make sure you condition the hell out of that processed hair on top.

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Undercut(Photo:Instagram & Facebook)